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Heavy duty connector introduce

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SMICO heavy duty connector is specially designed for rigorous environment and applicable to industrial automation equipment manufacturing, industrial system connection as well as information and control technology. Compared with traditional connection type, heavy duty connector can save 20-30% of installation cost for machining center, increase production efficiency and reduce error ratio of wiring.
With the in-depth development of industrial automation, more innovation is brought about in mechanical products, for example many products adopts modular design and successively extends their functions according to the application needs. Heavy duty connector employing pneumatic module, large current modular, electromagnetic shielding module and D-sub module not only achieves fast and barrier-free connection among modular equipments, but also guarantees the  transmission of signal and power supply. For mechanical equipment manufacturers, it can offer secure and reliable connection, save installation time and reduce overall cost of production. For endusers, they can install and operate the equipment smoothly without the guide of any professional personnel, making the maintenance easier. This not only increases the effectiveness and utility of mechanical equipment, but also reduces time for equipment installation and maintenance.

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