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Due to further specialization of labor and requirements for convenient maintenance, the modular design of components in the railway traffic technology is being attached with more and more attention. SMICO Connector provides a complete solution for different electrical connections among all kinds of components, ensuring the safe and reliable coordinated operation of each component in various environments.

The products applied in Railway Industry

Heavy-duty connector HM modular structure: 

Implement different functions in one connector                                                                                                           

Implement different functions in one connector                                                                                                           



Realize the power and signal transmission in the least space    

Heavy-duty connector Housings:  

Light housing    

EMC protection    

Firm surface     

Degree of protection IP68

Heavy-duty connector HEE series :  

High rated power, narrow installation space    

Up to 64 loops    


Shock and vibration tests accord with the  standard of IEC61373

Cable glands : 

Copper material and firm nickel-plated cable glands      

EMC type    

Degree of protection IP68

The main applications of WAIN connectors in Railway Industry

● Cage

● Electric control cabinet

●Air Conditioning System

●Coupler Socket

●Illuminating system

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